We offer up to 60% of every sale and rebill you make.

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Program Overview

When I think of what makes a great program, the following things must be present: Great payouts, paying on time, every time, great affiliate support, awesome promotional tools, exclusive content and great conversions. If you have all of these present, you will succeed; and if you succeed, we succeed. There are many great programs out there, but only a few really have great content that converts and retains.

At Duke Dollars we have just that. We will help you succeed in anyway we can. Whether you need custom templates created, hosted TGP/MGP galleries, hosted free sites, high end banners, responsive tours, tube ready video content or a helping hand from our knowledgeable team, we are there to offer it to you 24/7. We pay up to 60% revshare.

Give us a try and I'm certain you will be successful!


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Marketing Tools

We give you tons of tools to earn more money with less time!
- Free Hosted Galleries
- Full/Half Page Ad
- Hosted Free Sites
- Banners
- Tube Ready Videos
- Downloadable Content
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