Do you accept PPC search engine traffic?
As of August 20th, 2010, no affiliate will be permitted to purchase our keywords or domain listings on any search engine. You will NOT be paid for these joins.


Brand Dilution?
No affiliates will be allowed to use our content and watermark it differently. This dilutes our brand and cheapens its worth. Affiliates using this method will be notified and will be made to change their watermark. We will not penalize for content already out there. We will only penalize videos uploaded after Sept 7th 2010


Do you accept mail or chat traffic? 
At this time, we do not accept either form of traffic. If you are found to be using these means of promotion, than your account will be terminated.


I need custom content created in order to promote Duke Dollars. Can you provide this? 
Yes we can. Please contact info@dukedollars.com with your exact needs, and we will get these together for you as quickly as possible.


I have a tube/video site. Can I post your videos? 
Yes you may, but you must use videos that are no longer than 2 minutes in length, they cannot contain excessive ‘money shot’ footage, and our watermarks must remain intact. A link back to the site being featured must also be in place under the video, above it, or embedded within.


How much do I get paid? 
Depending on the program that you select, you can make $30 per sale or up to 60% revshare. Please see our payout program page for more details.


What dates are payouts sent on? 
Payment periods end on the 7th and 21st of every month. These payments will be sent out on the 8th and 22nd. If a wire is due to be sent out and the pay period ends on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be sent out on the next business day.


How often are payouts sent? 
Payments are sent to affiliates every 2 weeks.


I have met my minimum. How soon will my payment be sent? 
To account for fraud/chargebacks/credits, We pay 2 periods behind. By way of example, If you have met your minimum during a period ending January 7th, then your payment will be made on February 8th.

•IMPORTANT• If you have a pending payment/funds owed, that has gone unclaimed for more than 18 months, due to negligence on your end, that amount shall be forfeited.


What company name appears on my check? 
Your checks will arrive from DSW&rIE VMnepddiSa ULHLcC